Install Plot on Tumblr

How to install the Plot script on your Tumblr blog in 5 minutes

Step 1: Edit Theme

First, open your Tumblr blog (not your Tumblr feed) in your browser when you're logged in to Tumblr. Next, click on the small 'Edit Theme' button. It's on the right when you hover over your Tumblr site. This button will open your theme editor.

Step 2: Edit HTML

Click the 'Edit HTML' button on your theme to open the HTML editor. Once this is open you should see the code for your site.

Login for your script

Step 3: Copy your script

Login here to get your actual Plot script code to paste into your blog. You can also copy it from your project settings page in your feed.

Step 4: Paste your script

Paste your Plot script into your blog's HTML between the <head> and </head>tags. Anywhere in the page head will do.

Step 5: Preview & Save

After you pasted in your code, press the 'Update Preview' button in the top right of the HTML editor for your blog. After updating, press the blue save button and click the back arrow to leave the HTML code editor.

Step 6: You're done

Great work! You should see you Plot showing on your Tumblr now. If you don't, check your display preferences for your study. Remember that once you answer or hide Plot, it's not shown to you again. If you are still having problems email us at hi@plot.io.